About Me

Professionally I spend most of my time with software delivery teams/organization. I've architected modern global scales apps, mobile experiences, and led teams on hundred million dollar projects. I bring experience with process and tools improvements, configuration and growth management.

Involved with but not limited to

K8s/Docker & Cloudy (AWS, GCP, Azure), Mobile - Flutter, RN, Native Android/IOS, Java, Golang, Javascript, Kotlin, .NET, And More, Node.Js, Meteor, Sails, Nancy, Spring..., Kafka, Kinesis, etc

Things to know

I've worked with a wide array of companies, groups, and industries!, This means I can help smaller startups, heavily regulated groups (aerospace, finance, pharma, etc) without feeling out of my element. ,



Using past experience to solve interesting problems. Lots of time around devops/SRE/HA. Working more in OSS areas and presenting at events.


Culture, Orgs, Team and more

Continued working on tech while focusing more on building teams, creating organizations, and mentoring.


Mobile and more

Focusing pretty heavily in software around mobile and at scale software delivery and systems design.


Manufacturing, Aerospace, Energy

Check linkedin for details, but lots of things from welding to finance to developing for PBXs, Mobile, Embedded systems, and more.



Traveled worldwide learning and teaching various dances. Grew up in France and am bilingual.



I love to geek out about creating/inspiring teams which value empathy, mastery, and communication.

App Development

These days, Flutter has grabbed my attention, but I'm still coaching folks in Native Android/iOS. Also, do quick a bit with nestjs, React, and more.

Cloud Things

Everything from terraform, Cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure), to Rancher, K8s, Kafka, Docker, Drone.io, etc


Lean, Scrum, Continuous flow, Continuous improvement, TDD/Pairing and the likes


Helping individuals and groups accomplish their goals

Company Ops

All things accounting, HR, 401k, Payroll, etc for startups


Joachim Hill-Grannec


Frequently Asked Questions

What info should be included when contacting you? (I won't respond unless this is included)

Rate/Comp range - Group values/culture/goals - distributed or on-site team

We need a group of people to solve a problem, are you able to help out with that?

Yes! I'm part of a consulting team that can help around most tech problems/initiatives or intro you to a group that can.

Do you give intros?

Yes! Please troll my linked-in and let me know who with details of why it's a good fit and I'll definitely send intro.

Able to work legally in the US and the EU?


What kind of opportunities are you excited about/looking for?

Hard problems around teams and technology

Have a resume?

Nope, I use the export to pdf from LinkedIn. -> go to my page -> more -> Save to pdf :)

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El Salvador

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