About Joachim

Whether it’s welding, software development, or dancing, I've probably been involved in some version of it. I've architected modern global scale apps, mobiles experiences and led teams on hundred million dollar projects. I bring experience with process and tools improvements, configuration and growth management. I currently split my time between NY and Seattle! - If it's at all interesting to you... this site is currently hosted on AWS using terraform (all the infrastructure), Drone CI (CI tool for CI/CD, a project I've been contributing too), Rancher 2.x with K8s , Spot instances (Cheaper AWS hardware), Docker (Simple ngnix), and probably more ;) Yes overkill for this but considering the content took longer then anything else probably worth it :)



Partner Present

LinkedIn has most of my updated information. However currently I'm one of the founders at this wonderful organization. CTO is the closest title that would currently represent my current state at this multi-million dollar company.


I'll list some tech vomit of the major things I have a decent amount of experience in. However I would say by far my biggest strength is being able to pick-up anything new rapidly to almost an expert degree. Also, feel free to checkout my github :)

  • Docker/Swarm/K8s/Rancher
  • Cloud (AWS/Azure/GCP/etc.)
  • Mobile Native (iOS/Android)
  • Process (Lean, Scrum, Continous flow)
  • TDD, Pairing and the likes
  • Node.js (Meteor, React.js)
  • Recruiting and culture

Get In Touch.

If you're interested in Tech, Dancing, or pretty much anything that's interesting, feel free to hit me up. I'm usually down for a drink/coffee or anything else that would pose as a good experience! :)